Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013

Ashton's first 2 emails arrived today.


Im glad you got my letter ha i was beginning to think u all wouldnt write me! i still havnt got anything except for from madilyn. im glad the kids are all doing well. hows collin? and hayden? is he stepping up like i asked him to? im sure he will. hes a good kid. and im doing extremely well here. im now a district leader and its very humbling to help everyone. i gave 3 blessings in a 10 minute span last night. its pretty crazy. i love you and u all should write and not email. i can write every day but email only happens once a week. see ya!


Hey everyone!
   The mish is going great! i love being here with so many great people. i have two really good companions named elder layton and elder graft. theyre heading to the jamaica kingston mission. i think the hardest thing here is the schedule. i hate trying to fall asleep at 10:30. i feel like i should be tired since we go nonstop from six in the morning til then buutttt im not ha. the food is starting to taste exactly the same. it looks different but im pretty sure its exactly the same. every day. i cant wait to get to AZ!!! its gonna suck saying bye to graft and layton but theyve got people to serve in paradise. literally. anyways the place is great, the investigators are pretty solid as well, and the church is true. nuff said.

Elder Earl

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  1. Wonderful site... did you transcribe the letters? Love to all!