Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hello Everyone! This week has been pretty crazy ha I found an investigator in the airport which was pretty cool. I guess that means im off to a good start. The last week of the mtc went by insanely fast. I sent off my jamaican companions at 2:30 tuesday morning resulting in no sleep that night because i had to board a bus at 4:30. Arizona is beautiful. I dont think ive seen this many palm trees in my life. everyone here says its cold even though its 90 degrees outside...anyways my new companion is Elder Meline. He's from California and has been waiting for his visa to go to the Sao Paulo South mission for four months so I dont know how long we'll be companions. We already have a baptism lined up for october 26th. We've found a lot of new investigators as well. I get to go teach this guy who i guess practices the Aztec beliefs..Im not sure exactly what that means but I guess I'll find out. My first night here I stayed with two zone leaders named Elder Owens and Elder Brooks. Because I was running on 40 hours without sleep I fell asleep during a discussion. She's still getting baptized though so everything worked out. Our apartment almost burned down that night ha they came home after leaving some potatoes on the oven to find the place filled with smoke and fire running up the wall. Owens ran in and opened the sliding glass door and Elder Bennet threw water on the oil fire...not the best idea. Elder Ault happened to have a gas mask (dont ask me why) and ran in, put that on, then ran outside and broke the glass on the fire extinguisher and put the fire out. Now all my stuff smells like smoke and they dont have an oven. Now i live with Elder Meline in the Waterford Appartments and we havnt had a fire. yet. I would share more but Im pretty much out of time. My new address is 2525 N 32nd St. Mesa AZ 85213. If you feel like sending cookies that's where you should send them.

Elder Earl

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