Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

Hey Everyone,
   This week was good. Easter was great. We were able to attend the Easter Pageant a few more times before it closed with some investigators. It never got old. In fact it got better every time we went. Other than that not much was out of the usual. Except for two more of our investigators died this last week. This time they weren't lucky enough to have made it to the hospital.
   I'm not going to say how. They are simply not with us anymore. The two missionaries that now cover their area went by at the beginning of the week for a lesson that had been set up and were told that they would not be taking the lessons anymore. Upon further inquiry they were told that they are no longer with us. They were found in the parking lot of a junior high, leaving their four year old son here to live without them.
   When I found out about this I went over to his parent's home, where they had been living. It had been a few days since the event, therefore I expected to find them mourning his loss. When I rang the doorbell I was greeted by his mother. Without hesitation, she invited us in. His father came out and greeted us. Definitely not as cheerful as usual, but definitely not as sad as I had expected. We sat down on their couch and just began to talk. You could definitely tell that they were hurt, but they kept talking and laughing despite the matter at hand.
   We finally found ourselves talking about their son and his girlfriend's deaths. Immediately, they told me that they knew what their next step was. They are now working towards going to the temple together and having them sealed for time and all eternity, just like God always intended. Because they have that option, it brought them comfort.
   It really made an impression on me. It proved more so to me how much our God loves us. Because of that love he gives us the ability to progress through this life and to come back to Him. As we take those steps to come back to Him everyday, we can feel the peace and comfort that comes with it. Because they knew what God wanted them to do next, they are not suffering as much as they would be if they chose to sit still. They understood the magnitude of the loss of their son and now they are making the most of it.
   It also brought my thoughts to why we celebrate Easter. It is interesting to me that the single most important event of all human history happened as Christ was alone, in the seclusion of a lowly olive orchard. Christ then took upon himself all that we would ever feel. All guilt, pain, suffering, grief, loss, loneliness, etc. has been felt by Him. We can never say that no one understands. We can never say that we have no one to turn to. By himself, Jesus Christ descended below all, so that we would never have to be alone.
   I know that because of Him, this family was not alone. Because of Him, there are no endings. Because of Him, come what may, we can find peace in our existence hear on earth. As long as we choose to let Him, He will ensure that we are never alone.

        Sincerely, Elder Earl

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