Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hey Everyone,
   This week was a good one. Things have finally gotten better in the Mesa 2nd ward. I don't know what it was but something clicked and it is one of the best wards now that I've ever been in. Consequentially, as always, I'm getting transferred. I will keep Mountain View YSA and I will be picking up a family ward as well. I will be serving in the Groves ward in the Mountain View stake. Also, Elder Spencer and I are no longer companions. My new companion will be Elder Clarke. I have no idea who he is but I'm excited to find out. Our bishop from Mesa 2nd wasn't too happy about it. They will do well though. Things are finally moving there.
   Looking back at this last transfer I really didn't think that I would have been satisfied with it. Now that it's over I realize how much actually did get done. We met our goal. The members finally got to a point where they began to use us as a resource. Not the other way around. It reminds me of a quote that my mom told me. It went, "patience isn't the ability to wait, it's what you do while you're waiting". I'm glad to see that even though things didn't go how I wanted them to most of the time, things still went well and ended up well. Now it's another ward's turn.
   I didn't really have anything really make me think this week. Elder Meline got his visa to Brazil finally. It's sad to see him go but I know that Brazil needs him. In fact, he probably needs Brazil. He was a prime example to me of that quote. I can't even imagine staying in a mission I wasn't assigned to for almost a year. And he definitely made the most of it. I think one thing I can definitely think of to share is how much I've been forced to be humble on my mission. There are so many amazing people in the world. I remember Brother Mullen, my MTC teacher said something i liked. He said most people have 90% good attributes yet it's the 10% that they need to work on that we seem to always focus on. I never realized how true that was until my mission. I feel like everyone has something that we can learn something from. We simply have to care enough to look.
   I'm grateful that I've been placed in so many amazing people's paths both here in Arizona and before. I've learned tons and I'm grateful for the opportunity that we all have to learn from others strengths. I feel like that is one reason that our weaknesses are given to us. I feel like it's easier to love someone when you choose to learn from their strengths. I have been glad to have done so here and I can honestly say that I've seen a change in myself and in others as I've done so. 
   People are meant to grow. That growth can come come multiple ways but the most fertile ground always seems to be love. Ultimately that's what the gospel is all about. We have a father in Heaven who did all of this for us out of love. His son came to earth with the same motive. The best part is that you can feel that love. As you do so you will grow. I've seen myself grow exponentially on my mission as I've felt myself grow closer to the Savior. I know in that aspect I'm not unique.

    Sincerely, Elder Earl

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